Fazzi presents a revolutionary new OASIS baseline training program designed to be completed anytime, anywhere OASIS training is needed. With OASIS A to Z you can train new staff or refresh current staff with the click of a button. With this comprehensive item by item video, you will have 24/7 access to our comprehensive item-by-item OASIS training for unlimited viewing by your staff.

In addition to the training component, each annual subscription also comes with important tools and resources to enhance your OASIS Training experience. This includes:

  • Comprehensive handouts materials as well as important OASIS resources
  • Optional training post-test to help identify problem areas and measure comprehension and retention
  • An interactive questions forum where you can post OASIS questions and read responses.
  • 9.05 Contact Hours for completion of the entire module*

Training Segments

  • Patient Tracking/Clinical Record Items
  • Patient History & Diagnoses
  • Living Arrangement/Sensory Status
  • Integumentary Status
  • Respiratory/Cardiac/Elimination Status
  • Neuro/Emotional/Behavioral Status
  • ADLs/IADLs
  • Medications
  • Care Management/Therapy Need and Plan of Care
  • Emergent Care/Discharge

*Fazzi Associates, Inc is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Anita L Werner RN, COQS, BCHH-C
With over 30+ years of experience in home health and hospice settings as an RN, Anita has expertise ranging in all things Coding and OASIS. She has award recognition for efforts in education and quality improvement in home care as well as consulting services in education, clinical direction, and Coding/OASIS review services. She has been a key developer of OASIS education programming and comprehensive home health medical auditing for Fazzi Associates since 2009.

Claudia Baker, RN, MHA, HCS-D, HCS-O
Claudia has spent 30+ years as RN with significant experience in both field and management roles in home health, hospice and private duty settings. She has considerable experience in product development and support for clinical software related to each of these key community-based areas. Claudia has extensive on-site interaction and education at agency level, specifically related to operational workflow, compliance and process improvement. She provides web-based educational offerings to agency audiences, both large and small, paying specific attention to the individual needs of each learner and agency.
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Purchase one seat for each user. Users will access the training via a unique login to our Fazzi Learning Center. They will each have access to the training for one year. Also included in the subscription is a manager login, which gives the manager access to the course, completion reports, and grade book. Following your purchase, click "Add Users to Account" to add your users to your agency's account, and then click "Enroll Users in Course" to enroll them in the education. Users will be sent automatic email notifications with their login information and enrollment status.

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Minimum quantity for "OASIS A to Z" is 1.


9.05 hrs

Contact Hours: Nursing, Therapy

Topics: OASIS

Skill Level: Beginner

Instructor Name : Anita L Werner RN, COQS, BCHH-C , Claudia Baker, RN, BS, HCS-D